Stupid Hi-fi advertising in Sweden.Help needed

One of the very few Audio-sites in Sweden, that has an
used gear page is called "hifimagasinet"(the Hi-fi magazine).
What´s wrong with this site? Well, they allow people
to put in ads like: "amp for sale", pre- and poweramp
and even "nice stuff".
Thus, the observer has to open the advertisment up, which
takes time, often to find that the items offered, was of
no interest to him or her!
Of course, most ads state what kind of brand and model
there is for sale, but to allow such "unstated" ads is
really stupid, and of course I have mailed the site´s
administation about this stupidity, without getting any response...
Naturally,to visit and view these ads is voluntary,but
one the other hand, there are not so many alternatives
in this county:
Any suggestions how to force this site to put up some strict rules for the adververtising, are wellcome!


You cannot force them to do anything! Look at the is not much better, so i do not bother with them anymore. That's the reason you are on the A-gon, and do not look further.
Well,perhapes "force them" wasn´t the best expression.
More appropriate; "convince them". As commercial sites
ought to be responsive to their visitors opinions,I´m
more optimistic about the possibility, for us,to influence
BTW, talking about, I sent them a mail about
some inappropriate reviews(which didn´t have anything to do
with the product in the headline).My first mail was ignored,
my second mail,in which I wrote "that I will write to some
Hi-fi forums, if a correction does not occur", led to a
fast response and the requested correction.
I don´t believe it´s a good idea to regard ourselfs
as powerless!