Stylus for Garrard 44 MK II ?

Trying to get my grandmother's radio consul with a Garrard 44 MK II back & spinning. It's in great shape - just needs a little dusting and a new stylus for the removable Shure cartridge. Does anyone know if it should be a N-55-E or N-44-7 replacement? I'm not sure how to tell and I'm just beginning to learn about this.

Also, is there anything I can do myself as far as pre-maintenance (lubricating?) since it's not been played for 15+ years?

It would be best to replace the entire cartridge -- older Shure stylii come in myriad forms that look very similar, but don't necessarily interchange. They still have many of the traditional clunky-looking MMs that will drop right in place (M44?). Or for an upgrade you might look at the entry-level Ortofon 2M series.

As far as maintainance . . . just make sure that all moving parts do indeed move like they're supposed to - it's common to find dried-up grease and such on these old changers. Remove the platter (there's a locking ring by the spindle) and check the condition of the idler and such underneath, etc. If you find that parts have seized up, disassemble them, clean out the dried lubricant, and reassemble with new -- DON'T go squirting around with WD-40 or the like. Clean the motor spindle and inside platter rim with alcohol, and the idler with a commercial rubber conditioner available at electronics stores ("Re-Grip" by Rawn is a good one).

A 44 MKII was my first turntable when I was a kid, I inherited it from my father. They're nothing pretty, but they're definately listenable and will last damn near forever with a bit of care.