Sub for Merlin TSM-MX's

Anyone have ideas for a sub for my Merlins? I would like to keep it under $1k if possible. I know REL (used) and probably HSU but wondered about others.


I wish Bobby would start making them.I think he would do real good.I would buy one,good luck,Bob
I used a pair of sealed ACI Titan II LE's (now XL's) with my TSM-MX's and was very happy with them. Good integration if you cross them over fairly low.
I had gotten a pair rather serendipitously but thought these TSMs have the mid and treble of the best. The lack of bass was much to clear. This is coming froma guy that used vintage Klipsch for 20 years. I could not no matter how hard I tried make the sub woofer integrate vsmoothly. A pro speaker friend invented some proto type subs but no the sounds were distinct. The only time I ever heard a sub sort of work to fill in the bottom was if it is played at a lower SPL and overwhelmed , when you take itt out however you notice it.
I have come to theconclusion this ia not a good speaker set up.Except for movies.
matty, first of all, i would get the upgrade done to the tsm mxe. they will sound very much fuller, more robust, focused and expansive. listen to them for a few weeks and then you make the decision whether you want a sub, first hand or not. the cost is minimal but call the factory for a quote. just a few day turn around too. read "merlin upgrade experience" and "have you heard the new merlin vsm mxe" on agon in the archives.
call me at the factory 585 367 2390.
then i will go through the sug thing with you too.
best regards,
bobby at merlin
What Amp do you use to run the speakers ?
I use TSM MMe's in a 14X11 room with a CS-600 amp and the bass is very articulate and with good SPL (Except for low stuff like Organ music). it could be an Amp synergy or placement thing as well...

in fact have de-commissioned y sub for HT use since I got the Merlins
I have a pair of MXe on order and will be using with a filharmonia from bobby. Can't wait to hear the combo!
arj, the e versions sound quite a bit fuller and wider in bandwidth.
that is why i recommended him to get the upgrade done first and then see what he thinks.
A quality sub for under $1K that mates well with Merlin TSMs? Consider a REL Strata III. My Merlins are mated to one and I have quite satisfied with it.

There's even a "brand new" one up for auction right now. (I am not associated with the seller or item being sold.)
The reason I asked the question was, I did find a Sub useful when I used to run my merlins with a sugden A21, but the moment i upgraded my amp to a leben CS600, the bass just improved and I did not need it anymore.

But if a sub is needed i would recomend a good Sealed box sub..a REL strata is great and so is an MJ acoustics Ref 100

Bobby, I changed my speaker setup to a corner placement and i find the Bass very tuneful and controlled so the placement factor also needs to be considered.