Sub woofer - Martin Logan Depth or Monitor FB 212

I need to decide on a subwoofer. Anyone have any thoughts on either the Martin Logan Depth or Monitor Audio FB212? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
I was faced with the same choice. I took both units home and keep them for about a week. I thought the Monitor sounded good, but it was little too slow to go with my SL-3's. It drew too much attention to it's self. When I got the Depth home, I new I didn't need to look any farther. It integrates wonderfully, is very fast, and will go deep. I also trying the Descent, it is little better than the Depth, but I didn't feel like I needed it in my room (22 x 13 x 8.5). In a larger room maybe, but it's an extra grand. I have been very happy with the Depth for my two channel system, I have not tried for HT. I would guess the Monitor might be better for HT (more boom). I think they are both excellent subs, you will just have to listen and pick which one you like the best. I think you will be happy with either one. Good luck.
I owned the Monitor Audio FB212 and now own the Martin Logan Descent. The Descent is exllent and the fastes sub I've ever owned. The Monitor Audio FB212 was great with Video and packs an awesome punch. It's not quit as quick as the Martin Logan nor as musical but the FB212 had more power & punch. The Depth is smaller than the Descent so imagine it's got less punch & power but I bet it's very quick. So your choice depends on what is more important to you.
Thanks for the replies - keep 'em coming! Sounds like since I am a mixed bag between music and HT, either should do the trick. Cost is essentially the same, but ML packs it in a much smaller (and in my opinion more attractive) package. I suspect resale on the ML to be higher than Monitor Audio.