Substitute for Waveterminal U24

About a week ago I ordered a Waveterminal U24 to use in converting a USB signal from my computer to a sp/dif signal that I could feed into my Musical Fidelity Trivista DAC. I got a note back today from the company that I ordered from saying that the model had been discontinued. I've done some checking around on the internet and that appears to be true.

Does anyone know of a comparable external device that will do a good job of converting USB to (RCA coax) sp/dif?
Squeezebox 3. I use it with my Tri-Vista with good results, awaiting a modified version to see if mods help.
Just an update: I have found a device that appears to be very similar to the waveterminal u24. It is made by Hagerman Technologies and retails for about $100 less than the waveterminal. I ordered one a couple days ago and will report back on how it sounds.

I also recently ordered a Wavelength Cosecant USB DAC. I am very curious to hear how this will sound compared to using the Hagerman USB to S/PDIF converter with my MF Tri-Vista DAC.
Steev - Please report back about how these components compare. I now use an M Audio Audiophile for USB to S/PDIF in to a MF XDAC/X10 combo (with a DIY powersupply). Together they are very similar to the Trivista. I'm thrilled with the sound, but am considering a USB DAC like the Brick.
Well, I'm going to have to hold off on doing a comparison, as a tube blew out on my Trivista (the tubes are soldered in and the unit has to be returned to the US distributor to be replaced; what a PITA!).

The Hagerman HagUSB was easy to install: I just plugged it in and my Apple G4 Powerbook recognized it. The Hagerman HagUSB only converts USB to SPDIF (Unlike the Waveterminal U24, it does not have the ability to be used as a DAC).

I'll reserve comment on Cosecant USB DAC, other than to say its presentation is significantly different from my experience of Trivista (using a CD player as a transport). I'll wait until I can compare the Trivista driven from a computer by USB to say anything else.

Audioengr: I do not know what a s/w driver is.