Looking to add a subwoofer to my 2 channel system. Problem arises in that there is only one location give or take 2 feet in all directions where the subwoofer can be. 

Very large untreated open concept room. 14 ft tray ceilings, about 30 ft by 20 ft. Hardwood floors. Serious WAF. Maybe one day will have dedicated room but for now should I wait, make it "work" with eq, accept the limitations of the location, hope it works?

Suggestions please. Maybe a particular brand addresses this.

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Baloney...I used one REL Q150 for years and it sounded great, and still use that one now along with a properly adjusted sub can work beautifully in any room.

@mahgister , it is good to 'see' you again...*vbs*

As one who's lived through both of the '60's', we're becoming rare instead of being merely 'well done'....;)

As for 'subbing it', a single self driven 8" for the moment, considering an array of 4; 2 - 8~10" left & right 'front", 2 - 6~8" L & R 'rear'...although 'placement' and levels subject to measure and taste....self-driven, perhaps...

All of which subject to the vagrancies of time, space, and budget....I need obedient clones....*L* 

I second the suggestion of a twin driver sub, I recently went from an old rel stentor III to a studio III. night and day better, smoother bass response at the listening position.

Find an audio buddy who will loan you a sub.  Install it in your "only" location, and make sure it isn't a "suck out" node in your room at which all low freq disappears, or a node which exaggerates low freq regardless of what adjustments you make.  If either of those conditions persists, forget the sub and be thankful you just saved yourself a bunch of $$.

What’s your budget ?  Both JL audio, and Rel have a stacked model 2 in 1 space