Subwoofer Platforms or Isolation ???

I have just purchased a REL Storm III subwoofer, and my system is on the second floor (Carpeted wood floor). With a down firing woofer in the REL I noticed a previous post that suggested using 16" x 16" paving bricks from Home Depot. I am using the REL supplied spikes but the paving bricks sounded like a really good idea for isolation.

In the new issue of TAS Magazine a reviewer mentioned a Foundation subwoofer platform but there is no reference link, and or a distributor mentioned.

I am intrigued with the idea of subwoofer isolation since I am using analog only. I am a little concerned with any potential floor vibration reaching my system stand (The turntable is placed on top of the stand).

Any tips, and or suggestions from fellow audiogoner's would be well appreciated.

Thank you,

Lovan builds the Jazz 600 a subwoofer/large speaker stand that stands 6" high sold at audio advisor. But for a downfirer I don't know if its a good idea: you'd still have to put some platform on top the stand. That's all I know.
Contact the US distributor Sumiko and get their input. I would try it first with and without the spikes for a while before messing with platforms.
I've heard that the stone type platform is an excellent idea. My real question is, how do you like the REL storm and if you could direct me to their (REL's) web site.

Thanks. Rene