Subwoofers - Front Firing vs. Downward Firing

Which is best? What are Pros and Cons of each?
9rw - please don't comment on things you have not experienced for yourself ... until you have actually tried them. Supposition does not warrent comments. Only experimentation leading to actual knowledge should prompt a response.

So, come back after you have tried it for yourself.

Bob: I'm sure you know more than the engineers who designed the REL Strata III and your speakers. Perhaps you would like to share with us your white papers and other technical credentials. Some things simply do not warrant (note the spelling) experimentation.
9rw - I used to think like you (well, maybe not as extremely self-deluded). But then I actually tried something that was suggested to me and ... it worked, somewhat. That lead me to experiment with other things and, you know what, they also worked sometimes. And sometimes not.

I guess you're not a scientist, where trial and error often leads to new discoveries. If I had to guess I would say you were an accountant playing by the numbers and only the numbers. You're certainly no audiophile, because God knows we've all heard something unexplainable that has changed the sound in a way that is not easily explained.

Be a good sport and try it for yourself (you do own a sub, right? or you wouldn't/shouldn't be posting on this thread). Then come back and let us know if it did or didn't work for you. Otherwise please go away and troll with your textbook answers on some other thread.
Ptmconsulting: Looking at your mid-fi home theater-based rig -- certainly not an audiophile-quality dedicated two-channel system -- I can see why you've come to that conclusion. You couldn't be more wrong about me, my occupation and my credentials. And I sincerely doubt that you know more than Richard Lord, founder of REL. And, yes, I own a REL Stadium III, which is quite a few notches above the Strata. Happy viewing, er, I mean listening!