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What speaker cables are most like Speltz cables?
I've had a set of Clear Day double shotguns for 10 days now and they are living up to the expectations I had for making a change. I received the Clear Days on a trial basis and ended up keeping those. The difference is subtle but noticeable. I wen... 
Magnepans: single or bi-wire?
Elizabeth: I noticed your post on 8/22/11 where you notedthat Magnepan 3.6 were biwireable, but the new 3.7 are not...interesting. I think I'll give Magnepan a call Monday and ask them for their take. 
Help with repairing speaker grill fasteners?
"Grill Guides", now I've got it. I've a little retrofitting to do but the plan is shaping up. Rbrowne and Mofimadness: Thanks! -Steve 
What speaker cables are most like Speltz cables?
Arnettpartners: interesting...the synergy with Signalcable. I have a mix of IC and power cords and a couple of brands of conditioning equipment so a retrofit is not a viable option. In reading over speaker cable threads Clear Day Cable has my atte... 
For those of you fortunate enough to attend RMAF..
Will do. One of my favorite rooms a couple of years ago was Odyssey. Klaus (sp?) was showing a new phono stage and the sound coming out of that room was heavenly. Can't wait to see what it sounds like this year! 
Help With Spectron Amp
Man...I'm at a loss to come up with an alternative solution. Maybe you could communicate to Spectron that if they can't help you given you live in New Zealand and the costs associated with their method of repair are untenable...why would anyone in... 
Help With Spectron Amp
Brett: Have you been able to consult with Simon Thacher atMCV Consulting? 
Spectron MIII mk II owner's question.
I've had my Musician III Mk2...oh...three plus years and have had no desire to change it. It effortlessly powers every speaker I've used with plenty of headroom to spare. A single unit is great (and a needed space saver for my audio rack.) I still... 
Best Pre with a built-n phono section?
Thank you to all contributors...now the hunt is on. Is anyone familiar with what Van Alstine offers in terms of a pre w/ phono? They have an excellent reputation for value and build quality, but I wonder what they sound like. 
Pre with phono to mate with Nuforce?
Johnnyb53: The NuForces are well broken in and are left on all the time. I'll look into the Parasound...it looks VERY affordable. Have you heard it before? Any particular characteristic of this pre jump out at you? 
Pre with phono to mate with Nuforce?
Thanks for your suggestions. When looking around my area (Minneapolis) I came across someone selling a VTL 2.5 preamp. I'm really thinking a tubed pre, to tame the brightness of the Nuforces. Any opinions on the VTL...or other tubed preamps w/ a b... 
Economical alternative to Wadia ipod dock?
Thanks to all for your ideas and considerations, they are sincerely appreciated though not totally understood...at least by me. I will share with him the contents of this thread then make some decisions about where to go next. I did purchase/order... 
Economical alternative to Wadia ipod dock?
Buff: Hmmm... My son has an apple computer, stores a lot of music on it, and now I'm wondering if it has the same ipod in/ digital out feature that the mac mini has. Unless you know this feature is specific to the mini, I should see what the possi... 
Music Hall MMF 7.1...cartridge options?
Thank you for your feedback. I went ahead and ordered a Music Hall 7.1 w/ the Goldring 2400 (better deal than the combo w/the Eroica) and a Herbie's mat..that should be a good starting point. As far as the pre, I'm using a Belles 28A so it has a b... 
Paradigm Studio 100 v.3 vs, v.4
Gregg: In what size of a room will you be setting up this system? Are you a rocker...or do you prefer a jazz trio? Bob makes some good points about bang for the buck but please tell us more about your preferences. I had a set of 100 V3s about 4 ye...