Subwoofers - Front Firing vs. Downward Firing

Which is best? What are Pros and Cons of each?
9rw - I used to think like you (well, maybe not as extremely self-deluded). But then I actually tried something that was suggested to me and ... it worked, somewhat. That lead me to experiment with other things and, you know what, they also worked sometimes. And sometimes not.

I guess you're not a scientist, where trial and error often leads to new discoveries. If I had to guess I would say you were an accountant playing by the numbers and only the numbers. You're certainly no audiophile, because God knows we've all heard something unexplainable that has changed the sound in a way that is not easily explained.

Be a good sport and try it for yourself (you do own a sub, right? or you wouldn't/shouldn't be posting on this thread). Then come back and let us know if it did or didn't work for you. Otherwise please go away and troll with your textbook answers on some other thread.
Ptmconsulting: Looking at your mid-fi home theater-based rig -- certainly not an audiophile-quality dedicated two-channel system -- I can see why you've come to that conclusion. You couldn't be more wrong about me, my occupation and my credentials. And I sincerely doubt that you know more than Richard Lord, founder of REL. And, yes, I own a REL Stadium III, which is quite a few notches above the Strata. Happy viewing, er, I mean listening!
Mdrummer01: Just keep cranking up your REL. You might consider adding three or four to your system. And try stacking them.
9rw, don't bother with the HT crowd, they live in their own world. One of them told me what my two REL Stadium subs sounded like, even tho he had never heard one. Logic told him. Another told me how high their distortion is. For a real laugh look at HT Shack, where they test subs intended to be woofer downward next to a wall [RELs] in a parking lot with the woofer pointing to the side. They are still living in the 70s when many thought you could tell something about sound from a spec sheet. One of them commended that while I was depending on my own experience and published tests my opponent was using the HT tests and spec sheets, which were obviously better. They seem determined to repeat every mistake that has been made in the last thirty years. One of them told me if I would step outside the "Audiophile" crowd I would realize that bi amping with 2 amps gave no advantage whatsoever over using one identical amp. There are 2 separate worlds on Audiogon and they intersect only marginally. As for myself, I chose to remain a member of the "Audiophile" [AKA Reality Based ] community.