Suggest speaker cable for coincident super victory II

hi, request for suggestions for speaker cables, speakers are coincident super victory II, pass XA 30.5, and Cary SLP 98 preamp. Source is Sony HAP Z1 ES, high resolution digital player.
sound is great, but I'm looking for more warmth and weight. My room is very live. I have planned for some acoustic wall panels but still it's going to be on live side. I'm looking to spend reasonable amount (USD 300-500). Cable length would be 15 ft on both side.. Any reasonably priced Brand I can go blind? Thanks in advance...
van den Hul D-352. And you can get it at Analogue Seductions who ship worldwide.
Mani's suggestion may be the best way to go.  I wonder if you might not do well to double them up at 15 ft, though.  I have the Super Victory IIs, and I am currently using 25 ft runs of Belden 10G.  It is surprisingly good for $1/ft.  I would call it very neutral, so it may not be what you are looking for.  On the other hand, it is a $30 experiment.  I've heard Duelund is working on a 12 G version, and I intend to try it when it is released. 
"Any reasonably priced Brand I can go blind?"

I'm sure Coincident used their own cables to design and voice the speaker. Also, there is likely some raw cable of theirs for internal wiring. Seems like an excellent choice to me and it just makes common sense.

Thanks all for Some very interesting and helpful suggestions.
Brownsfan: I've inquired about duelund 12 AWG Cable and also looking at belden. 

Mani-2: very interesting observation on duelund DCA 16 GA. it has the qualities  I'm looking for. 

Tls 49: thanks for the link. Still over my budget but I never thought coincident cables could be in this price range. I've also inquired at Upscale if they can provide different length. 

Invictus005: thanks for the suggestion. I've yet to look into to van den hul. But surely look into it. 

so thanks all for your suggestions. I will look forward for more feedback/ suggestions. 

I went through some reviews and posts on forums, and ordered Belden 10 G from Bluejeans cable. At this moment, as Brownsfan suggested I will experiment with Belden and see. I found some very good reviews about Belden 10 G, and I dont want to spend too much for speaker cables. It actually seemed no brainier to me.

The other cable I thought I might like is Dulund DCA 16GA, But i will wait till 12 GA comes out. I inquired and it seems its still a few months away.

Thanks all for the inputs..