Suggestions for my system

Hi all - Looking for some suggestions on my system.  So right now I listen near field (just about 6 feet from the speakers) in a small room, around 13x11 feet.  I have a Rega Elicit-R amp with a Rega Saturn-R cd player, and a Rega Planar 8 and Aria for my analog front end.  Harbeth C7ES3's for speakers.  I primarily listen to classic Jazz and orchestral music through my setup.  My main goals in hifi are an expansive soundstage in width and depth, and holography.  My system right now is great, Rega has all the PRAT and is energetic to listen to however I feel like it's not the last word in lifelike representation.  I'm curious to try tube amps or different monitors as home demos to see if I can gain anything and was looking for some opinions on what I should seek out.  The loudest I listen is around 90db with peaks sometimes at 95 but no more.  Also, would like to stay integrated and not separates.  Thanks very much

My setup:
Rega Elicit-R
Rega Saturn-R
Rega Planar 8 with Hana SL
Rega Aria
Shunyata Denali, Alpha power cords
Teo interconnects
@lowrider57 Just listened to an EAR preamp/power amp combo through C7's and it was amazing, pretty much nailed the holography and realism that I've been describing.  
@mikecorwin Nice !!
Harbeth c7’s, same as the speaks you currently own?
So, that answers my earlier  question, if these speakers are capable of holographic reproduction. 
I have the C7es3's, I just listened to the 40th anniversary edition which are fairly the same.  EAR stuff was an 868 and 890, definitely out of my current price range but it was great to listen to my speakers with that kind of setup to get some contrast.  Definitely seeing tubes in the future at some point.
Great, try and get them set up with a sub if you can. Cross it up at 100 Hz. The effect is a spooky clean midrange and a sense of air and space you do not get without the sub.