Suggestions For Phono Preamp....

It looks like I am going to finally make a serious effort
to transfer my 200+ records to CD. I just got a very good
deal on a Music Hall MMF-5 turntable; and now I'm looking
to get a phono preamp that will match up decently with
my turntable.
Please note that I own a media duplication company - so
I will be transferring the audio to a professional CD
recorder - not a consumer unit. And since I don't need a
preamp for other sources; a preamp that is only used for
turntables would be preferred.
One last item - would like to keep the cost under $1K
if possible. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
EAR 834P is an excellent choice and comes with a volume control so you need no other preamp. Personally I think the stock tubes (EI Yugos anyway, not sure what comes with them now) sound great, which is not to say that some NOS may not be even better, but they are hardly necessary.

Or, you can try this. How about a Monolithic PS-1??? It's a good and INEXPENSIVE phono preamp. And it seems to be enjoying some good press as well. I have read two glowing reviews about the Monolithic PS-1, and both of the reviewers that I have reviews from seem to endorse the Monolithic PS-1 very highly. The only thing is that I hope that you already have a volume control elsewhere in your system chain, as the PS-1 does NOT have its own volume control. But other than that, it is a very good phono preamp, and at just $399.00, it's not that expensive either. You can get the basic version for just $399.00, and it comes with a "wall wart" type of power supply (which might just enough for your needs). And for just $260.00 more, you can get the PS-1 with the upgraded HC-1 power supply, which still keeps the total to WELL UNDER $1,000.00.

To check it out, go to manufacturers links on the front page of this site, click the letter "M", and then scroll down and click on "Monolithic", and that should take you directly to their website.

Try one and see what you think. I'm getting one myself. But if could only afford to spend more (which I can't right now), then I'll be getting the AcousTech PH-1. But at $1,200.00, it's a little too rich for my blood right now. But now, if I never get an AcousTech PH-1, then I won't lose any sleep over that. The Monolithic PS-1/HC-1 is an excellent choice.

The Opera Consonance line makes a nice little Vacuum Tube phono pre-amp PM-1 that retails at just under $1000.00. Has oak front which is a nice touch. It also has a seperate power supply.
Also Creek has a decent phono preamp OBH-8SE that retails for $325.00. Upgraded power supply included.
Thank you to everyone who posted suggestions for a phono
preamp. Since I am just getting started with records -
I've decided not to "break the bank" just yet. Also, I'm
taking into account that most of the records I will be
transfering to CD are mass market pressings from the 1960s
and 1970s - not audiophile-grade vinyl.
Based on recent reviews, as well as some good feedback
from a friend who plays a lot of vinyl - I've decided to
go with the basic Monolithic PS-1 - with the possibility
of upgrading the power supply at a later date.
Thanks again to everyone - I'm looking forward to
hearing those records very soon!
I know you alreay made your decision, but you might also look at the Gram Amp 2 SE from Graham Slee. It's only $220 from and was recently written about in TAS.