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How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?
I would keep my stereo equipment in the room it has always been in for many years, but now, where my stereo equipment is, I also keep a stick vac, or an upright vacuum cleaner closer to the vacinity of the equipment as well, though it is not plugg... 
Audiophile sound quality from a more "mainstream" company?
Oh yes, and NAD. --Charles--  
Audiophile sound quality from a more "mainstream" company?
Speakers:  Vandersteen 2i or 2Ce + REL Sub (MAYBE, but I think the Vandies can do bass on their own without subs), JBL, Polk Audio, or Wharfedales Electronics:  Emotiva (I like their monoblocks on the Vandies, but the Emotiva monoblocks may be to... 
Audiophile sound quality from a more "mainstream" company?
Sony ES; Pioneer Elite; Technics (now, not the stuff they was making in the 1980's -- SL-1200 Series Turntables were the only exception). --Charles--  
What is Your End Game System?
@ Kota1:   That would be mine too, speakers are supposed to be listened too only, but those Martin Logan CLS's that are sight to be looked at.  I see your speakers are gray or black.  Mines would be red, but mines would be powered up with Jeff R... 
Direct Drive
At entry-level, I would start with a Technics SL-1200 Mk2 (one that was not used and abused by club DJ's), there are some out there that were not used by a DJ and start there, and you should get one of those for $500.00 or so, and start with an Or... 
What is the best system one can make under $5000
@ “mesch”: I totally agree, and believe likewise.   I done put two together, starting with basics and provided an upgrade path to boot, without going over $5,000.00, with money left over in both cases and that is with what is assumingly entry-... 
What is the best system one can make under $5000
OR for around the same price, I would put this setup together. It would be for music listening only, it’s something easy and simple to put together, so you won’t have a room full of equipment that dominates your room.  And it includes an integrat... 
What is the best system one can make under $5000
In a 13 ft. x 20 ft. room, and I would be doing music and movies in the same room. So I would be doing the following….   . Vandersteen 2Ce — $800.00 to $1,500.00 (used) . Schiit Vidar Power Amplifier (2)* — $450.00 (used) . Schiit Fenya + Prea... 
The first system you had that was "high end/audiophile", by you standards
First High-End System (Early 90’s). KEF Reference 102’s w/KUBE. NAD 7225 Stereo Receiver (later used as a Tuner/Preamplifier). B&K ST-140 Power Amplifier (came later on). Magnum-Dynalab FT-101 FM Tuner. Pioneer Elite PD-65 CD Player. Nakamichi... 
Top 5 recievers of the 70's and 80's ????
1970’s:(01). Pioneer SX-737 or Pioneer SX-1250 (flip a coin)(02). Marantz 19(03). Harman/Kardon 930 Twin Power(04). Sansui 9090-1980’s:(01). Nakamichi SR-4A Stasis(02). Kyocera R-861–Charles— 
Car Audio and the High End
Lexus LS460 with a Mark Levinson Sound System….Luxury with superb sound.Nuff Said..—Charles— 
Inheritance ($100K) with a caveat
If I inherited $100K and have to spend it on a 2-Channel Audio System, then I would get the following:. Focal No3 Kanta — $14K. Bryston 3B Cubed — $6K. Bryston BP-26R/MPS-2/DAC/BP-2 MM/MC — $7.8K. Marantz SA-10 — $7KTurntable — Technics SL-1200 GA... 
Turntable recommendation
I would look at a Rega Planar 3 or a Technics SL-1500C.—Charles— 
Were you naughty or nice? What did Santa bring you! Audio related only please!
A Nagaoka MP-200 Phono Cartridge for my Technics SL-1210 M5G, and for my upcoming birthday in April 2020, a BlueSound NODE 2i.—Charles—