Suggestions for RF wireless headphones

I'm a musician and usually practice using headphones in order to hear more details and not disturb anyone within earshot. I already have too many wires attaching me to my equipment, I can't be bothered to have yet another wire for the headphones. I've been using a pair of Sennheiser TR126 simply because I had them on hand. But the sound is only so-so, they are incredibly uncomfortable, and they have some kind of nasty annoying compression or level limiter that constantly irritates with levels jumping down suddenly.

So I'm looking for a new set. I cannot and will not use Bluetooth because of the lag times which are simply unacceptable for multi-track recording sessions. So it has to be RF (unless someone here has a revelation for me?)... I do realize that wireless will limit the sound quality, but it can't be any worse than what I currently use. I tried looking at Grado and Focal (and even Beyerdynamic, though they are way over my budget) but they all appear to be disqualified because they use Bluetooth. 

Given those constraints, plus a reasonably limited budget, any recommendations for a decent pair of comfortable RF wireless headphones that sound at least ok?



Sennheiser makes much better can than the TR126. Why don’t you move up the line?

I think the easiest recommendation would be to move up the Sennheiser line as there aren’t a ton of options in the RF headphone space. The RS175 is probably the best choice in terms of sound/features/price and a huge step up over what you have now, . If you don’t want to pay full price you can save a lot by buying factory-refurbished models from reputable sellers — I’ve done this with both my headphones and been very happy with both the quality and price in both cases. I think this would be an excellent option (refurbished by Sennheiser), and they offer a 30-day trial period so very low risk. Best of luck.