Suggestions on Ethernet cables for Accuphase digital separates..

I have a quick question that hopefully the members here can help me with. I recently purchased the Accuphase separates DC 1000 and DP 1000 and the DAC and Transport are connected by an ethernet cable.  A J45 if I have that correct, is the standard connection for this application. I would appreciate if any members here who own these pieces have upgraded this cable connection and what cable they went to and why. Thank you in advance.....      


@garebear My systems are not the same as yours but I hope you will find this reply useful nonetheless. I have an Innuos streamer into which I use a Transparent Cable ethernet cable. The Innuos is in turn connected to an Accuphase E-800 integrated (with DAC-60 card) via a Kubala-Sosna Sensation USB cable. I’m happy with the sound of the system. I also use a Transparent Audio ethernet cable in another system and I’m happy with its performance in that system too.

@garebear best thing to do is either contact the cable company and get few cables to try at home using their landing library, or buy used and lose a little potentially by selling.
If you don’t want to spend a lot, try Linkup cable from amazon. Solid build with excellent connectors.

.......I appreciate the responses but I have been doing business with The Cable Company since 1990 when it was originally owned by Robert Stein and this is not the same company as I first remember. It just seems to be everyone's standard response here when one is looking for a cable. The Cable Company seems to me at least to push only a few brands and that's it. I can look those up on my own. Please read my entire thread as few often do as these are going on Acuuphase's  DP and DC 1000 separates and not looking just to throw a cable on there and see if it works and if not sell it ........ends up being a waster of time and I am also looking for a good cable with these pieces and not a run of the mill cable. 
I guess another question would be ; are all ethernet cables called C7's ? ....and all of the connections RJ 45's ?   

I don’t pick cables based on equipment, I base the decision on what cable provides the sound characteristics I’m looking for. Just because one person likes XYZ cable with their equipment in their system for their tastes doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Everyone’s sonic preferences and systems are unique so I’d suggest reading a lot of reviews and whittle it down to those that exhibit the sound characteristics you’re looking for. Then if you can find them used do that — buying/selling used cables is easy and often with little/no loss if you purchase wisely, and you’ll save a bundle as well. Just my $0.02 FWIW, and best of luck.

.......SOIX I agree 100%, but with that said, I was hoping that others who own these pieces could shed some of their ideas and opinions. This is my first venture into Ethernet cables. I don't want to cheap out but do agree that of some these cables and their manufacturers have them way over priced. Looking for that happy medium as as you noted, will provide the sonic characteristics. Thank you again for your response.      

I don’t pick cables based on equipment, I base the decision on what cable provides the sound characteristics I’m looking for.

^^^^ this ^^^^

try cables from supra or dhlabs... well made with quality materials and reasonably priced

@garebear cat 7 or cat 8 doesn’t matter. RJ45 connections are standard. What matters is they don’t all sound the same and even if someone with the exact same components gives you a recommendation it will not guarantee your results with the same cable considering other variables such as the rest of the audio chain, room acoustics and personal preference for sound qualities. 
So I get you didn’t like my response and it wasn’t what you wanted to hear but it’s the reality. 

I’ll add that I agree with you about the cable company as I had few bad interactions in the last couple of years but it’s still a viable option.

........thanks auddphile and agree with what you have noted. This hobby is very subjective and there are some that unfortunately still do not see or hear that. Right now the Cardas Clear with the Telegartner connections is worth looking into. I am reading that the connections on these cables is critical. This is my first venture into this part of our audio hobby      

@garebear telegartner connectors are very nice. But the cable itself is also important. In example, I have compared Supra CAT8 with Telegartner terminations (available from Audio Sensibility) to Purist Audio Cat7 that uses “regular” connectors. The Purist sounds better to me so I kept it.
At some point I wanted to try the Audioquest Diamond that also uses telegartner connectors. But I draw the line on Ethernet cables way under that price point.

Supra Cat8

Purist Audio


….,,when I last checked, I didn’t think that Purist made an Ethernet cable . 


Nice score! on those Accuphase separates. I am interested in reading more about your System. Staying tuned on the Ethernet cable choice as well.


Happy Listening!

.......but here is where the confusion lies at least for me. I see where Shunyata has the Omega which is their top of the line Ethernet cable for $3,000 and that is a CAT6 cable made with silver wires and a Telegartner connection. Cardas has a CAT7 cable with their 8awg copper wires also with a Telegartner connection for $300. Then there is Purist Audio with a CAT7 cable that is also made of silver but has a GG45 TELA connection and from what I have read is cot compatible with J45 connection for $360. Siltech has their Royal Crown Network cable for $4,000 that is also their silver and don't know their connection Can't believe that I am not confused over purchasing an Ethernet cable.  

@garebear the purpose the cable will serve in your setup is an interface between an SACD transport and a DAC.
1. It’s most likely a really short run.
2. You don’t have to deal with garbage associated with routers, switches and the wall wart power supplies that inject noise. Your connection is actually as clean as it can be.

Cat6, 7 or 8 should all be compatible. Comes down to how much you’re looking to spend to stop wondering if you could have done better. And if you hear a significant difference between the $360 Purist and a $3,000 Shunyata.

Also, from what I’m reading, GG45 connectors are comparable with RJ45. 

........good points and I am at the point of ; '' analysis - paralysis '' . Thank you again for your comments audphile 1