Sumiko MMT Setup

I have recently purchased a VPI HW 19 Mk 1 w/ a Sumiko Premier MMT tonearm. The arm is mounted to the armboard, but the arm is not yet fixed in its armboard collar, i.e. the set screw is loose. Do I need a specific device such as a protractor or template to set the arm in position? I can not adjust VTA, Balance/adjust the arm/mount/use cartridge until this is done. I've mounted many cartridges in lesser turntables i.e. Duals, Garrards, Technics, and my previous TT, a Thorens 166 Mk 2, but never set up a seperate arm. I am looking forward to listening to my records once this is set up.
To properly set up a new cartridge you need a protractor. Your arm is all ready set up on the TT so you don't need a template unless it was improperly installed on an unsuitible armboard.

What I do with my MMT arm is raise the arm until it is parallel with the platter and tighten the set screw. Using a protractor install the cartridge. I usually set the aszmuth, tracking force, etc leaving the VTA 'til last. Then I put on a record which is the most common thickness in my collection and set the VTA starting parallel and according to 'ear' lower it until the sound locks in. (You have to keep loosening and tightening the set screw - it is a PITA.) Once I get it set up and it sounds good the only thing I do is if I get a thick or thin record that doesn't sound good I just touch up the VTF a tad by ear.

Warning I'm not one of the hair shirt set up vinyl guys around here. My MMT sits on an old Oracle. If I ever got a new one I'd get an arm with VTA on the fly.

Hope that helps a tad.