Summer Festival

Is there or has there been a re-issue of this album? It was originally RCA (living stereo I believe). It was a 2 lp set with some of the greatest classical artists of the period. I was hoping that Classic Records or someone else re-issued an audiophile lp, but I haven't been able to find one--perhaps it's out of print--or maybe there never was one.
Try Ebay for the original version. Look under "living Stereo", it pops up there fairly regularly about three times a month and generally you can have it for below 25 bucks. I don't recall seeing it on the Classic Records catalogue. Cheers,
Detlof, I have the original version, but it's not in great shape. I bought it used. I love the material, but was really hoping someone had re-issued it on an Audiophile label.
Abstract, I just looked at for you. In the catalogue search section I put in " festival" and bingo, they've got it for 30 bucks. you can buy it there online. Hope that helps. Regards, D
Detlof--that would have been great--but I went there and it's not the Summer Festival. They do have under rare finds the Festival, Reiner LSC 2423, but I'm looking for Summer Festival which is two LPs and is LSC 6097 (I probably should have put that in the original post). It has Cliburn, Fielder, Solti, Reiner, and a bunch of other greats from that time. It's like "Classical's Greatest Hits"--sounds corny, but fabulous material--and even on my poor copy I can tell that it was recorded well. If any companies that make high end vinyl re-issues are reading this--MAKE IT AND WE WILL BUY IT (at least I will).
Abstract, sorry to hear the bad news. You are right of course, I've got LSC 2423 and LSC 6097 must be very rare, even on Ebay, contrary to what I had said, having the simple "Festival" LP in mind. (YES, MAKE IT AND I'LL BUY IT AS WELL!!)