Supra Cables Distrubution Block

Just picked this up and I’m very impressed with this thing. I just threw it in my system today so no hours but right away I was surprised on how well it’s souding or not sounding. I ordered it with a Supra PC but it came with the plugs not attached so I need to build it but in the meantime I threw a spare later Kimber PK10 Gold I have. Using it with my digital gear only to a Audioquest receptacle so I already have a good foundation to work off from. I’m sold. Curious if there are others using this and your thoughts? I haven’t unplugged it and played the game of going back and forth but I know my system well enough.

What I’m hearing is a quieter sound floor, -blacker background with more focus on placement of instruments/vocalist with more space. Top end is not at all rolled off as I have experienced with cheap power strip surge protectors. Bass is tighter and more extended as well. Very well built and even at its retail price probably a great value. Anyway if anyone is on the fence looking for something like this for your digital equipment this might be it for a nice price. Need more time with it but very promising.
Using nothing but plugging directly to wall receptacle?

I have dedicated circuit number 10 wire with Audioquest NRG Edison receptacles for both digital and analog components. I am preferring the Supra in the chain with my digital components than without. I did build the Supra PC and feel it made a difference as instructed the shield is to be tied at both ends where the Kimber I was using is not; I prefer the Supra chord with the Block.

Have I compared it to other similar devices... no, but I am interested in the new Audioquest Niagara 1200 and Nordost QRT QB4 but these are considerably more money and they better be superior. Point is for $80 it’s silly good and does not degrade the sound as cheap computers ones do which years past I’ve tried. I ordered a set of Furutech plugs as the ones that came with the Supra chord are pretty cheap.I have 24 plus hours listening to it taking it in and out and until I find something better it’s staying in the system. For $80 (originally $260) it’s a no brainer.