Supra Sword Inductance Specification

After hearing quite a bit about the "zero" inductance of the Supra Sword speaker cables, I tried to search for a measured specification somewhere. On the Supra Cables site I find an inductance spec for the Sword cables of 350 nH/m. A little over 100 nH/ft. Is this true? This is more than ten times the inductance of the Goertz cables. And quite a bit higher than other cable specifications. Also it does not seem significantly lower than the other Supra cables. Along the same lines does anyone have specs for capacitance on the Sword-ISL interconnects?
Correction to the above. The spec is 250 nH/m not 350. Still that is quite a bit higher than other low inductance cables on the market.
Just saw capacitance measurements for the Sword interconnects--about 46 pF/ft. To compare, the LC-1 interconnects from Blue Jean Cables measure 12.2 pF/ft or about a third. Based on these measurements I'd have to conclude that if these cable do in fact sound very good it is because of something else other than really low capacitance for the interconnects and really low inductance for the speaker cable. I'm not sure if these measurements are with terminations and not just bare wire. But clearly nearly "zero" capacitance and inductance is not what the measurements seem to indicate relatively to other cables in the market.