Supratek mono amps, who's got them?!

Hi folks,

Has anyone heard or own Supratek mono block amps, if so which model and how do they sound, resolution, musicality, reliability?

Proud owner of a heavily modified Supratek Chardonnay pre amp, truly awesome stuff indeed!

Or is there a new kid on the block serving similar quality products at similar pricing?


Everybody seems to say the same... i have
some Mondeuse on order 🤔 I am hugely surprised there is such little info on Mikes amps floating about, surely there's others out there?!
I have spoke to Mick and am lucky enough to have a pair of Mondeuse on order, however i was looking for some feedback from owners, just can not seem to find them. I sneakily approached a few amp owners from the deal of the century thread but most never replied to me and the ones that did were not forthcoming with much info, very mysterious!