Supratek Owners I need help

I own a Supratek Chardonnay and suddenly no sound is coming out of my speakers. I have isolated the problem to the preamp, because I ran my CDP directly into my amp and it works and sounds fine. All tubes are lit a faint sound does come out with the volume turned up all the way but it sounds like a $20.00 radio. I was going to check the fuse but was not sure where it was located. Any suggestions? Where is the fuse? Thanks, Bob
I have one. Is the tape monitor on? The fuse is in the back of the power supply where the power cord goes, but it doesn't sound like a fuse problem. if you e-mail Mick at Supratek, he can tell you what is wrong
Hi Bob. Yes,as Milkiz pointed out. Sounds like you have the tape monitor switch activated or the wrong input selection.Have you tried all the other inputs?