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Preamp Deal of the Century
I've had my Chenin for about two years and have enjoyed it. Unfortunately, about two weeks ago, I turned on the preamp and my solid state power amp at exactly the same time. The tube in the power supply seemed to get really bright like it was abou... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I have had my Syrah for almost two years now and have had no problems with it except for an intial problem with the fuse in the power supply. Mick told me to get a larger fuse and that solved the problem You also need to get a moving coil cartridg... 
VPI periphery record ring for VPI Scoutmaster
In a simliar vein, how much of an improvement does the flywheel and upgraded motor make in the Scoutmaster? Thats an expensive upgrade. How about the new armwand? I already have the SDS and outer ring. Thanks 
Is upgrade from Revel M20 to Revel F30 worth it?
I heard both the F30 and the F50. I thought that the F50 sounded great--a full, lifelike sound, but that the F30 sounded unfocused and unengaging. In fact, I auditioned 3 speakers that day and the F30 was the one I ruled out right away. 
VPI Scoutmaster upgraded to a Super Scoutmaster?
I disagree with Narrod. I have the Scoutmaster (it retailed for $2,500) and added on an SDS unit(retails at $1000) and outer steel ring and steel clamp(retails at about $575.00 with trade in of delrin clamp.) Each upgrade improved the sound and th... 
Jazz Recommendations.
Charles Mingus-Black Saint and Sinner Lady, Thelonius Monk- Monk's Music, Duke Ellington-Far East Suite, Keith Jarrett, Koln Concert, Wayne Shorter- Speak No Evil, Andrew Hill- Point of Departure, Bill Evans-Waltz for Debbie, World Saxophone Quart... 
scoutmaster to super scoutmaster upgrade?
I bought the SDS and the outer ring clamp and found that both make an improvement in the sound. The SDS provides a subtle, but audible improvment. The sound from LPs, especially the lower end, consistently seems more solid with it. The outer ring ... 
Sound Quality of New Blue Note Jazz LP Reissues
These are available on various sites on ebay for fixed prices. One is 
Good preamp for Vandersteen and McCormack
I used a Conrad Johnson pre-amp with those speakers and amp, and loved it. 
Bel Canto HELP
I had the Evo 200.2 which I used as the single amp in my system for about 6 months. I then replaced it with the Evo 2 Gen I which I have had for about a year. The 200.2 was very transparent, but did not have the bass heft and treble that the new a... 
Jazz Recommendations
There are many younger jazz artists making great music right now which is neither bland nor too abstract to listen to. They include bassist Ben Allison, drummer Matt Wilson, saxophonist Ted Nash. I also love David S Ware, pianist Matthew Shipp,and... 
Preamp for Vandersteen 2ce sig w/ Mccormack DNA0.5
I had this same combination for years with a tubed Conrad Johnson pre-amp. It sounded great. 
How can you take a warp out of a LP?
My recommendation is to buy a VPI turntable with the outer ring clamp and stainless steel center clamp. I've had mine operating for less than a week and I'm amazed at how my warped records (out of thousands of LP's, I do have a about 10-15 badly w... 
Worst mismatches in equipment: your warnings
My worst was the Supratek Chenin preamp/phono stage with a Clearaudio moving magnetic cartridge. It sounded terrible. Once I replaced the cartridge with a Denon DL 103 moving coil, it sounded great. 
Supratek ??
I'v had my Chenin for about 5 or 6 months now and after a break-in period of about 50 hours it sounds great. The sound is open and transparent. Records sound fantastic. It is a noticeable improvement over my Conrad Johnson PV 12 which cost almost ...