Synergestic research alpha sterling

Im interested in the Synergestic research alpha sterling cables for my California audio labs Icon mkII to go to my Cary SLP-98. What other cables in the 75-150 dollar range that would make my system sound good. And that could compete with the above mentioned.
Go to HomeGrownAudio's website. There you will find their version of Kimber KCAG for $70 for a 1 meter cable, terminated. All of its conductors are SOLID SILVER, with teflon insulation. In my opinion, I give it a slight nod to KCAG, perhaps because it uses solid core silver wire, instead of the stranded in KCAG. Seems to be a bit smoother, more liquid, tighter, a touch less bright. I have no doubt this cable is quantum levels than ANY other sub $100 interconnect.
You need to determine if copper or silver is your preference. Each has its own characteristics. You'll find the Alpha-core Micro Purl (CU or AG) and the Kimber Hero to be popular choices in this range. I for one prefer the Alpha Sterling wo/discreet shielding, but I think you'll find the price a little higher than these. SR cables take a good 300 hours before they "break-in."