synergistic designer power cord

does anyone have experience this cable from syrnergistic ,does it really make any difference?does anyone tried this particular model or other pc from the same line of synergistic?are they good compare with others manufacturers?
The Synergistic powercords are very good and should be, there are probably more Master Couplers in Audiophile's systems than any other cord.

There are 2 designer Reference powercords. The DR and the DR square. The DR can only be used on front end components and is extremely transparent. The Square can be used anywhere although I personally like the DR on front end equipment more than the more expensive Square.

Hope this helps.
Synergistic makes some very nice AC cords. Just as in anything else however, their applications are system & component dependent. I have auditioned the full line & presently have 3 DR Sqd's in use on pre, PA, & Master Control Center (that's the active shielding power supply). For awhile I used a Reference AC on a CD player, but then changed players & found that cord didn't do as well as a JPS Digital on the newer machine. However the Ref. AC did better with the other machine, so you never know what's gonna happen until you experiment. The Designer Reference (for source components only) was still good, but not as good as the DR Sq'd. Is the DR Sq'd really $1000 better? Again that depends upon the application; it certainly was for me. As always YMMV.