Synergistic Research Element Tungsten to Atmosphere upgrade

Interested in hearing from those that went from SR Tungsten IC/SC to SR Atmosphere L3.
I believe the Tungsten was a popular choice and a choice many have been pleased with. 
So, knowing how we occasionally get upgrade-itis...I suspect a few of you have moved on to Atmos L3.
Are you pleased with the change?  How significant a change?  
What specific improvements did you notice?
Any that did a demo but didn't think it was worth the move?
Thanks in advance for the help.
Jay M.


Hello Jay,

I upgraded approx. 2 months ago and still have both the Element Tungsten (with Michael Spallone modded MPCs) and Atmosphere L3 SC & IC (XLR) in my Krell 450MCX/ KCT/Cary SACD Pro/ AAD 7001 setup...also upgrade my digital cable from my music server to dac with SR Atmos L3 digital. Will add that I started with SR Res Refs (with modded MPCs again by Michael) years ago (the upgrade to E Tungsten was significant in all the usual fact I acquired 2 pairs of Tungsten SC for my bi-wired speakers/mono amp config...this config was recommended by SR and indeed sounded more articulate to me). With L3 break-in now well completed, I must say I was not similarly blown away by the Tungsten to L3 upgrade. SR opined that the L3 was more like the CTS and L4 closer to the top of the line Galileo series.  My experience; smoother, a bit more coherent/articulate, yes, but nothing earth shattering....(imho Michael's mod also closed the gap between the 2 as the modded MPCs definitely gives you a dead quiet background and cleaner window into the music) Could it also be diminishing returns as I climb up the top of cable pinnacle....who knows, I am still wondering if CTS and L4 would make that much of a significant improvement... Currently have too many cables to now get rid of before investigating further.
Worth the upgrade?...depends on your personal finance and what the leap ends up costing you, but for me, pretty happy with the cabling configs at this stage... will likely keep the L3s IC and SC (bi-wired) or L3 SC for top speaker poles (ribbon tweeters) and Tungsten for the lower poles (woofer)….will look into the SR grounding blocks in the future.
Would also suggest trying upgrading the Tungsten MPCs (look up Michael Spallone's work and feedback...great guy who does a low cost, very effective MPC upgrade). The later Enigma Tuning Circuits (Bullets) was also better sounding in all areas with the Tungsten than the earlier version.
Hope that helps...happy hunting.

HI Colin,

Couldn’t agree more re: Michael Spallone. Best bang for the buck tweak ever for SR active cable owners and he has bent over backwards to turn the MPCs quickly for me..

The Black fuses are amazing if you haven’t yet tried them.

I hear good things about the grounding blocks...

Any SR A/C Master Coupler X2 PCs in your pile?

BTW- thanks for the "zapped" Master Coupler PC. Sounds good on my HT stuff!

Thank you Colin for the feedback. That definitely helps.

i am using Galileo MPC's (obtained before aware of Spallone).
Using SR Black fuses as well.  
Both MPC/fuses help nicely!  

Appreciate the responses!

Jay M.