Synergistic Research Element Copper vs Tungsten

Anyone tried both the speaker cables and the ICs? What will make a bigger difference, Tungsten speaker cable over Copper or Tungsten IC over Copper?
It seems like many folks found the Tesla Precision Ref speaker cable a big step up from the Accelerator, far more than the equivalent IC upgrade. The same with the Element series?
I have yet to try the speaker cables but I tried and purchased the interconnects. To be candid the copper ic's did not impress me. The tungsten were another story however. They are sound staging champs. They give you excellent detail and highs,lows and midrange are all very well presented
Hasse - If price is no object I would look at the cts-that being said they were above my pay grade so I didn't even audition them. I am guessing they have the best of both worlds. I could be really happy with the copper elements. In fact, in my system, they seem to have better or "more" bass, which is something that my system lacks. I thought the tungsten speaker cables had less base (in some systems it could be viewed as 'better bass' then the elements coppers but they had a certain rightness to them. They seemed more liquid, with a greater ease, while also being more transparent. I'm not sure if they are worth the extra dollars over the copper but I bought them. (I had an all tesla accel. system before but have demoed quite a few others.)
Thanks Solda, the CTS is unfortunately way beyond my wallet. I´m using Magnepan 3.7´s, which I would not describe as bass heavy :), so perhaps the Copper would be a better match....both for the speakers and my wallet.
Did you found the bass of the Copper congested/bloated or just fuller with more body?
BTW, I already have the Accelerator XLR, did they stack up well against the other cables you have demoed?
That was the position I was in... The bass on the coppers had more body (guitar strings,piano pedals etc.), I personally did not find them congested. I definitely like the price point better then the tungsten. However I got sucked into the naturalness of the tungsten and that swayed my decision. I listen to alot of acoustic singer songwriters. I do plan on replacing the accelerator that is currently between the pre and amp with most likely a copper element (partly because of price point and partly to add a little weight to the overall balance) . I always liked my the tesla accelerators in my system but I felt they lacked a little in the "body" department. Galileo mpcs helped in that area also (but do add up in cost) The element series seemed to fix that area of concern.
I agree with Solda I was originally going to get Copper, but heard tungsten power cord bigger image and more holographic, bought copper element interconnects great detail and bass!
I have a specially ordered Tungsten audio cable from my new a Sony 830 TV split into L-R rca ends running into my Arcam A39 amp.  Speakers cables are also Tungsten into my 6.1e Genesis tower speakers.  No longer use my subwoofer.  Soundstage is wide, deep, smooth, very easy in the ears.  Copper can be a bit grating.
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