Synergistic Research Mini Power Couplers

I am an inveterate tweaker. Neodymium magnets are among my favorite tweaks. I place them on or under components near transformers to draw off EMFs. The effect can be to increase the focus of instruments and voices and to provide a clearer sound than without the magnets in place.

Yesterday I got a big surprise. I went around my system with a bundle of 4 neodymium magnets to see if I could feel any strong magnetic fields coming off of components or cables. I arrived at a Synergistic Research MPC. Lo and behold I felt a very strong magnetic field when the magnets came close to the MPC. I guess this should have been no surprise but I had just never got around to doing this kind of system test before. There was a spot on the back of the MPC where the magnets wanted to be. So I went through my system and let the magnets find their place on the back of 5 MPCs in my system -- mostly Galileo.

I flipped my system breaker and when the first sounds came through my speakers I knew the magnets were making a real difference in the sound. Instruments and voices became more focussed as well as smoother. The soundstage became a tad more recessed but also somewhat deeper. The sound is now softer, more pleasing and more musical to my ears -- without any loss of resolution. I am using all of my reference CDs to test this today and the results are uniformly good.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this? Is it just me and my system?
Sabai, where did you get your magnets and what shape are they(cubed,flat round,size). I want to try your tweak.

Regards Bacardi
Hi Ulysse21 and Bacardi,
I bought mine on Amazon. They are 1/8" x 1/2" circular. If you experiment with them on the outside of equipment near transformers and on AC adapters you may get good results. There is another audio site that has a lot of posts about using magnets to mitigate the effects of EMFs. I cannot name this site because this post may not make it to the forum if I do.
Most welcome. You can try one or more on each MPC. I have had good results with both the standard and Galileo versions.