Synergistic Research question

I was recently given a pair of Synergistic Research Resoluton Reference interconnects. They are older interconnects and I can't find any info on them. They are .5 meters, have a black weave with two white strands woven into the jacket. On the input end one of them has a red band around it, on the output end one has a black and a blue band, the other is red and blue.
Anyone have any info on these? How old they are, are they anything out of the ordinary etc.

Thanks for any input.

Try calling SR on their 800#. Ask for Scott Novak. He is a gem, very freindly and knowledgeable about their products. If you give him the serial number that is printed on the cables, he can tell you when they were made and how old they are, as well as the specs of the cables. They even do "system matching". Let him know the componets that you own and your listening environment. He will then recommend the proper speaker wires, interconnects, and power cords to use. SR people displayed a lot of integrity in my dealings with them. Scott did not recommend using their top of the line cabling when I first faxed a questionaire, supplied by SR, to him listing everthing about my system. I purchased the cabling that he recommended and I suppose that I achieved great "synergy" in my system using the SR wires. I love the way everything came together and I feel no need to keep searching for the "perfect cable".