Synergistic Research Tesla Apex

Further thoughts on the Synergistic Research Tesla Apex interconnect.

A couple months back I took the “tesla challenge” I was perfectly satisfied with my designers reference interconnect, but always looking for that audio nirvana I had my wire updated. Knowing there would be an improvement I was not ready for just how much.

Ted and his crew performed their magic on my cable. It is hard to use ordinary words to describe what my aging ears heard. Everything was much better. Mainly in the detail that was conveyed, without being sterile. Something that has to be known is cables of any type or brand is that they cannot add anything to the signal. Therefore the designer must lose as little as possible. I believe that that is exactly what Synergistic Research has attained in spades.

I have a couple of discs that I am intimately familiar with Eva Cassidy Live at Blues Alley, Mary Black No Frontiers, and Cowboy Junkies Black Eyed Man.

The very beginning of cheek to cheek Eva does a little vocal that locates her in the soundstage she remains locked there and the rest of the song just blooms around her, That has not happened before. On Fields of Gold you will find yourself not breathing.

There are a couple of songs on No Frontiers that really show the range of Mary’s voice. On I say a Little Prayer all of the instruments are clearer and precisely located.

That brings me to my favorite song not only for evaluation but enjoyment A Horse in the Country. Margo’s voice was like I was hearing it for the first time, Smooth with just a hint of her Canadian accent. If you have not heard this song on a really good system you should run to your Synergistic Research dealer.

I cannot say enough about these great cables except to go and hear them for yourself, or go to the website and take the Tesla Challenge for yourself.

I was so pleased with the upgraded interconnects I am getting the matching speaker cables. The only downside is not having my system for a couple weeks but I am sure it will be worth it. Of course I will report on the cables, if the improvement is of the magnitude of the interconnects it will be a while as I will be enjoying my system.
Not to be raining on anyone's parade but I have read many threads like this/ referring to many products. I am happy that you're happy;to be sure. I do own active x and a quatro box. As I understand it these cables are equal to the price of many systems___assuming one were to change over every cable. In my case I have no doubt this new stuff would surpass my stuff;but at what cost?-- Then I'm sure somebody makes near as good at 1/2 the price??
When I had my stuff upgraded from active to active x---and-- again when I got the new quatro box they made about 3 errors. I had to send the stuff back 2 xs---even tho they had ALL my cables and pigtails they still couldn't do the simple "fit everything together" before sending it out. The wait was 3xs what I was told. Good to know they might be doing things better these days.---Oh, I dealt with Elliot.BTW, I have 10k in their cables.
Hmmm, I replaced my Nordost Valhalla interconnects and speaker wires for new Synergistic Research Tesla Apex and Precision Reference interconnects and Apex speaker wires. For the record the combined cost for all my new Tesla cables- two pairs of interconnects and a pair of speaker wires was less then what I paid for one pair of Nordost Valhalla speaker wires. Also my system cost me far more then what I paid for my new Tesla cables and I can, and did, afford cables that were much more expensive. I choose SR Tesla cables based on their performance, not price.

The service I have had from both Ted and Elliot at SR has been nothing short of amazing just like the performance of these Tesla cables. I was an old SR cable user that switched to Nordost for the detail and speed but I always missed the warmth and "glow" of my old SR Des. Ref. cables. Now I have all the speed and detail of my Valhalla’s (and then some) with the warmth of my old Des. Ref. cables and a holographic 3-D sound field and smoothness that neither the old SR or Nordost cables can match- again at less then a third the price of my Nordost Valhalla cables. What’s not to like?

Not trying to start a flame war but my experience and conclusions are nothing like yours- sorry but I could not be happier. Synergistic Research is one company I really like. Perhaps you should try Synergistic Research Tesla cables before passing judgment however I can see why these cables are going to shake things up- the longer they are on the market the more people are going to find out about them and the more absurd some cables prices are going to seem by comparison.

I took the challenge and agree 100% with Kenscollick and Leica man. I never had a problem with Synergistic customer service. Always top notch.
I have the TESLA Accelerator Interconnects, balanced.
I have tried many different brands, not a great deal of difference until now. There is a vast difference in my system. Great Bang for the Buck !!Why would you not have your system for a few weeks. Synergistic (Eliott) burned mine in for 5 days before shipping. pretty much good to go. I do believe that there is no "be all, end all" out there. That is why they make chocolate and Vanilla, but these cables are "up there" in performance.
Ken: the fact that I still use them after say 7 years tells a lot.I bought these at near full retail before I got to this site. (Music Direct)The original box was a poor designed joke.I fried 3 boards over the time. BNC's should have been there from the start. When the mood strikes me I will be changing them out. For a reason I don't have a grip on ---the new box doesn't work the way the old box did.---In that there was a night/day dif. when the old box was off or on. I don't hear that dif. with the new box.(Maybe the new box allows the cables hold the juice longer??) The storys about the service lean more to forgiveness---it was worse in real-time. In the beginning the service was excellent.