Synergistic vs. PS Audio Lab II's

I have been using the Synergistic Master Coupler Classic and Master Coupler with MPC in my system. MC on CDP and MC w/MPC on amp. Just bought 2 PS Audio Lab II power cords to compare and see what PC's I like better. Nothing wrong with the Synergistics just seeing what cords are better.

Has anyone made this comparison?

I have, in my system I found the Syn Research A/C master to be a bit thin in the lower mids and bass region. As where the PS audio lab cable (I must admit I have the first version) doesn't produce the huge sound stage like the Syn Research but is more balanced from top to bottom.

I also have a Synergistic Research Reference Master Coupler which seems to offer similar qualities of both, Wide sound stage, lush mid-range, and a well controlled bass region. However, we must not forget that cables are system dependent.

I currently have my Reference A/C Master Coupler for sale here on Audiogon (I would like to try a different cord on my KCT). Please E-mail me if you are interested and we may be able negotiate a deal that works for both of us.

Happy Listening,

I have the Synergistic Research Master Couplers power cords for my amps (Aragon Palladiums) & subs (NHT Sub Two), & one Synergistic Research Reference Master Coupler on my tubed pre-amp (Audio Research LS16). I agree with the statements above except I get great bass with the power cords & add: Belonging with an unoffical audio club, one memeber bought the Whale power cords which gave a smoother & more musical sound than the Synergistic Research, but the Synergistic Research gives more bass & presence. Therefore power cords do make a slight difference & I believe its a matter of matching what your system is to the type of music you most listen to that should determine what power cord you should buy. The Audio Club only has tried the PS300 & PS600 power centers but never the PS power cords.