System Resolving Enough?

Greetings fellow Agoners.As posted earlier it's time for a new source component(universal player).My system consists of a Pioneer Elite VSX-84 surround receiver & Monitor Audio Silver RS speaker system(RS6,RS LCR & Silver FXi's)using all AudioQuest cables(GBC front/center & Type 2 rear speaker,Diamondback 2.0 & 5.1 analog I/C's & 2nd from the top HDMI(can't recall model).Power comes from a dedicated 20 amp circuit with hospital grade Leviton receps & a Pure AV PF60 filter/protector.Current video display is a Magnavox 37"LCD but that will be upgraded to a 1080P LCD or DLP rear projection unit after the source component is purchased.I'm wondering what the consensous is as to weather or not my setup is resolving enough to exploit the subtle differences (audio & video)between the Marantz DV7001 & NAD T585 that I've narrowed it down to?Thanks for any help provided.