Systemdek XII vs Pro-ject Debut III

Hi there, newbie here. Just wondering if you guys think 300$ would be better spent on a Systemdek XII or a Pro-ject Debut III for a first "good" turntable. I currently own a Technics sl-d2 wich I want to change. I listen to lots of jazz and indie stuff, so a mix of old and new. This table will go through a Sonic T-amp and a "T-preamp" and a pair of Mordaunt-short Carnival 2 bookshelf speakers. I just want somethin thats good out of the box without having to mod anything (for now).

Any advice would be appreciated.

The systemdek is by far the better rig, if it's in good shape.

What tone arm does the systemdek come with?
Systemdek IIX?
Not heard of the XII. I had a stock Systemdek IIX which I liked very much and enjoyed for years. Then I modified it totally; new motor, arm, platter, and lined interior with sound dampening material and screwed the floating parts down so it does not resemble its former self. Sounds way better too.
Don't know Pro-ject Debut.
Oops, yes its the IIX. The Systemdek comes with the Profile tone arm. All original in good shape. I've decided to go with the systemdek. I'll probably go pick it up either today or tomorrow. I'll give an update.