Sytrofoam peanuts and EVIL and worthless

I just spent the last 15 minutes tranferring a box of packing peanuts from a cardboard box into plastic garbage bags. Not only do I now have repetitive stress on my left arm, my kitchen looks like a snowstorm just hit. I put the rest out pack and now some rebel peanuts have joined the other ones in my front yard from last month. ...then the last of them have caught on with the built up static electricity and now won't stay in the plastic bag...

in all seriousness, packing peanuts are great when packing, say..a coffee cup....but are utterly useless when packing an amp over 30lbs. I don't know why people use them for shipping highend gear. There are several other better, cheaper, less cumbersome materials one can use which are more appropriate.

thanks for listening...
I never thought I would agree with anything Anarchy ever said. This time I do. Just goes to show. When you double box cartridges, peanuts are actually quite good around the cartridge's own box. Anything heavy and all they provide is a false sense of security.
Don't let those nasty boogers get the best of you. Kill them dead with your zerostat gun. They don't stand a chance, that is if you own one.
My peanut story, revolves around a John Coltrane issue of Sunship. For some reason, this guy tought that peanuts were the way to go. He packed the album(which had seam splits) in peanuts, didn't even protect the jacket or vinyl with an outer sleeve. The peanuts started right away on embedding their dust in the vinyl grooves along with charging the vinyl statically. I tried brushing the peanut dust off, only for it to cling back to the vinyl, sum' of a b*tch!
Another cool use for Gruv Glide. Just a bit on your hands and you can let those little buggers go. Hell, spray it all over the mess and they aren't charged no more!
Yes, a while back some jerkweed sent me a dvd player packed with them. No plastic bag around the player.

I sent him a thank you note with anthrax.