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ZYX cartridges
well I have had two versions of the ZYX Yatra 100 just below the Fuji100. I have used both with the Jolida JD-9. the lower output was more subtle and the treble was lighter airier, is that even a word? I did like the higher output version for the ... 
Replacement for Alpha Genesis 1000
ZYX all the way for what I understand he was the man behid the Alpha Genesis. I have a Yatra from ZYX and love it. Never harsh, open and detailed. Even can slam bass, at least in my system , Ondekoza never sounded better. Derek 
What are the treasures in your vinyl library?
I would say the promo label Japan pressing Of John Coltrane's Sun Ship in Mint condition. Also the Japanese pressing of Miles Davis' Bitche's Brew. My copy of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here on Japan MasterSound half -speed. 
How do YOU set VTF on your Rega arm??
I got the 250 to be done with it. When I had the 300 setting the dial to 3 and then using a scale to measure the tracking force was the best sound by far. More accurate and easier to duplicate. If curious about removing the spring, look for an old... 
Best sounding phono preamp under $600
don't forget the jolida 9 with some NOS tubes, it blew away my Monolithic Ps-1. Derek 
Budget Linear track table?
I have done a search fot linear tracking turntables on Google. I found two references for you : also a comment on another site about budget linear tracking tabl... 
Looking for moderate priced MC phono pre
Newbee sounds like a good spot to be in. I know that for some of us the cost no option system is just not a reality. For my "reference" system I use the Jolida JD-9 for my phono pre, with a ZYX Yatra(.24mv). It's a tube unit, and can be had for $4... 
Your favorite song from a RECENT cd release?
System of a Down is heavy? probably not for some of us, to most of us yes. I am using prior experience with other memebrs, who thought Pink Floyd was too heavy ! 
Your favorite song from a RECENT cd release?
by System of a Down, whoops 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
well in celebration of 4/20 we have Peter Tosh "Legalize It" also System of a Down's "Hypnotize", "we shall ATTACK!!" 
Queen on American Idol
Velo62, Ace did ask for a marching beat pseudo militaristic. Which was immediately squashed, thank God!. This upcoming week should be interestng? 
Your favorite song from a RECENT cd release?
I would vote for "Attack" by, on vinyl for me. Probably too heavy for the lot here, but there is my vote. 
another lp source to add to the stable
Yeah but make sure you use paypal, I wrote in advance that I was sending them a money order and they still sent a non-payment notice within 3 days. Jeez! They did leave positive feedback though. 
Is a good Cermic Cartridge an Oxymoron?
I remember coming across some while surfing the web, with the warning of ruining your records. Is this true, and if so why even make them? 
Gain specs for Jolida JD-9A phono preamp
Well I had the K&K Lundahls before using the Jolida, truly a great product. I had the 20 gain version with the upgraded rca's. Truly quiet in my house, so RF is not a problem. Fast and detailed. One might come up used here, since that's were I...