T+A Criterion T100 Speakers

Just got in a pair of these in black and wondering if anyone has heard them and would maybe share your thoughts. I won't be able to hook them up to the main system until next week. They are in fantastic condition.



Ok, update on the speakers. Got them upstairs and all hooked up. The binding posts are angled on the bottom and was a bit of a pain to hook up & tighten. 6 ft. apart and I sit about 5 1/2 - 6ft. away, small room. I was concerned the the bass would overload the room, however that only started to happen when I really pushed them louder then I would ever listen.

In a nutshell, they sound great! Very revealing, nice wide soundstage (very surprising), generous bass and even some decent depth. Tone seemed right on and excellent performance at low volume. These are keeper, at least for now ... ;-)

That is great to hear. I'm always worried when companies try and do to much but T&A has a good reputation for their electronics and I'd suspect you made a decent speaker buy with those. Have fun!

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