T+A PA 2500 R Integrated Amp vs Vitus R-101Integrated Amp

I’m looking for an amp that is very detailed but on the warm lush side, something that will draw me into the music such that I don’t want to stop listening. I want to be able to say "wow" when the music stops. I currently have a Hegel H390 and I don’t get that feeling from that amp. Also, I have Revel F208 speakers.

Has anyone actually heard either the T+A PA 2500 R Integrated Amp or Vitus R-101 Integrated Amp that would be willing to describe the sound. The T+A PA 3100 HV would probably be my choice but it is beyond my means so no need to include in discussions.

T+A PA 2500 R = 140 wpc $12,750
Vitus R-101 = 300 wpc $15,000

I’m concerned about the 140 wpc on the T+A but if the sound is significantly better then it might be worth considering.