TAD Jr Pioneer Elite S1ex how good are they?

I keep reading all the great stuff on the TAD speakers and I know they just introduced a new $30k floor stander at CES.

Now I know that the TAD speakers are going to be better built but I am wondering how close to the new $30k model will the Pioneer Elite version of the speaker actually be which costs $10,800.00?

From the tale of the tape these are incredibly similar speakers:

Both speakers feature the same of nearly the same concentric mid range, both use beryillium tweeters and magnesium mid range drivers, both feature dual 8inch arramid composite woofers.

So other than a superior cabinet and possibly better crossover components at 1/3 the price how come no one is talking about these speakers?

I would think that now that TAD is becoming so well respected in the press and at shows, there would be more threads about the very similar Pioneers, because if they come within 80% of the performance for 1/3 the price I would think that would be a very appetizing proposition.
I have not heard the S-1EX although I have heard the S-2EX (3-way monitor) at a local dealer; they are $7000/pair list. Stands are extra and if I recall correctly, they list for $1500/pair (ridiculous price but the stands are unbelievably nice). My impression: the S-2EX struck me as possibly the best monitor no one has ever heard of, so I have no doubt the S-1EX is a real winner. This Pioneer line of speakers has to be the most poorly marketed product line in contemporary audio. I've previously owned B&W 805S, have auditioned the current B&W 805 Diamond, and now have the B&W 804 Diamond. The S-2EX blows the 805S and 805 Diamond out of the water, hands down. It's not even close. And for my tastes, it is also sounds a cut above the 804 Diamond although not by as much. The dealer offered to sell me the S-2EX with stands for dramatically less that he would sell 804 Diamonds, which list for $7500 (obviously no stands involved). And the S-2EX's were not a demo model; I literally watched the dealer take them out of their sealed boxes to play them for me. But, I opted to buy the B&W 804. Reason: Precisely because of what you wrote, no one seems to know about this line of Pioneer speakers, and I didn't want to be stuck with something that would be hard to sell if the spirit or the need moved me. Even though the S-2EX had the better sound and the lower price as compared to 804 Diamonds, I went with B&W primarily because of brand recognition and the ability to hold value. And of course I really like the 804 Diamond. But if I knew that I would be keeping whatever I bought until the grave, I would definitely have gone for the Pioneer.