tadac preamp with an ipod

has anyone tried this application? I have a pair of atc scm 20-2 active monitors and I want to put together a simple system that sounds great. I want to use my ipod as my source. Can I use the tadac as a preamp/dac and get great results. Please advise.
Good question,
I'll try and answer and suggest a few ideas even though I build and sell this item. The iPod output is analog audio on the HF jack, digital out is compressed packets of data. You can use the TADAC analog inputs with the iPod HF output (HF to RCA cable) to achieve sonic improvements. Better would be adding a Wadia iPod doc ~$249 that extracts iPod data and serially produces SPDIF for the TADAC to D/A convert, then you'll hear the most improvement.
cost vs. convenience - probably easier connecting your PC to the TADAC using the Creative X-Fi (~$69) this plug & play black box converts PC USB music data to serial SPDIF for the TADAC data input, Apple computer has SPDIF optical out, simply connect your Apple to the TADAC. Then play iTunes on your PC piped into the TADAC instead of requiring a special doc to extract data serially in real time from your iPod. Rhapsody.com works well too,<$10/mo you have a limitless library of music from the internet to play, and it sounds really good using the TADAC. Why collect music for 99-cents/song when it can be delivered under the music style you select to play random cuts all day, can search an artist and play entire albums any time you like too, just need to be connected to the internet and pay a small monthly fee that goes to the artists and Rhapsody. Need portability, buy tracks to download into your iPod for away from the internet/PC portable ear bud or car play.