Take an audio challenge

Here is the situation. I recently made a few upgrades to my system. Because of space and financial considerations I've had to make a few compromises since I began assembling my system. Though my first priority has always been two-channel, I built a combined HT/Stereo system. While very good for movies, music has always lacked a certain vitality and exhibited an annoying sibilance. In an attempt to correct this I changed my front-end to a Sony C333ES SACD player and added a tubed preamp for the L/R front channels; I'll list the rest of my components at the end. Currently, the SACD player is connected to the tubed preamp CD inputs and my A/V preamp is connected to the AV inputs. My subwoofer is connected to the A/V preamp for the Dolby Digital LFE channel. The problem is that the tubed preamp, obviuosly, doesn't have an LFE out. My choice of subwoofers was based on its musicality first and its "volume" second i.e. music first, movies second. I've grown accustomed to having a nice deep foundation for symphonic pieces. Anybody have any ideas on how I can "have my cake and eat it to"? In other words, how can I connect my subwoofer so that it is used for both music and movies? Remember that the Dolby Digital LFE channel is a discrete channel. The subwoofer manufacturer does not recommend using both the LFE input and the subwoofers cross-over at the same time.

Sony C333ES SACD Player;
Sony S300 DVD Player;
B&K Ref. 10 A/V Preamp;
YS Audio Symphonies tubed Preamp;
B&K AV6000 Power Amp;
Paradigm Reference Studio 60 Loudspeakers;
Hsu Research VTF-2 powered subwoofer.
I am pretty sure you can do what you want with one of the various REL subwoofers. For music you would REL's "special" wire between your amp's speaker output and the subwoofer input. But, I"m pretty sure that they also have a rca input which you can run off from the LFE channel. They are very good subwoofers, especially for music. Good luck, I hope this helps.
If you switch the digital preamp to a mode other than Dolby Digital (like "STEREO"), doesn't the LFE output become just a regular subwoofer output? Its internal crossover setting should be higher than the sub's crossover setting, so I don't see a real problem with a crossover conflict.
Rogerroger, the Hsu Research VTF-2 sub that I have has both RCA input and binding posts. However, the manufacturer recommends against connecting both at the same time. Perhaps REL subs will allow me to do this. I'll check into it.

Plato, the problem is that my SACD player is connected directly to the tubed preamp. The L/R front channels on the power amp are connected to the outputs of the tubed preamp not the A/V preamp. Therefore changing modes on the A/V preamp wont help since the signal from the SACD player isn't routed through it.
Connect the A/V Preamp via the tape loop on the tubed pre-amp, This way the 2 channel source will be sent to the a/v pre and when you want a/v signal through your tubed pre, switch to the tape loop instead of av input.
Good luck

I think I understand your problem now. A friend of mine built me a neat little switch box (really a passive preamp) that has two pairs of switchable RCA inputs that route to one pair of RCA outputs. Also, each input has its own potentiometer so the volume of any input can be varied independently. With such a device, you could connect the receiver preamp outputs (sub out) to one (or one set) of inputs, and if the tube preamp has a second pair of variable outputs those could be connected to the other pair of inputs, while the primary outputs are connected to the power amps of the main speakers. The individual potentiometers would allow you to set the bass level for the receiver and the tube preamp separately so that after you initially set the levels all you need do is hit the selector switch to go from the HT to the 2-channel stereo mode. So I guess the question is -- does your tube preamp provide two variable outputs?