Take Your Own Measurements

I learned a new lesson while setting up my tonearm/cartridge combo for choice of headshell...Take your own measurements!!!

Without going into a lot of dreaded detail, I was looking for a good choice of headshell for my tonearm/cartridge combo to create a decent resonant frequency result.

Naturally, I used the "different" manufacturers' published numbers to plug into the calculator. I would discover later, after taking my own measurements for weight, that these numbers were wrong.

I immediately thought of the audiophiles out there who take the extra steps to get things perfect. In doing my own research on the forums, I've seen your posts and numbers. And, I've seen the same incorrect published numbers being plugged in. You may believe you hit the Holy Grail but...

In my case, I only had a good electronic scale for weighing VTF. This scale limited me from actually weighing my cartridge and headshell. So, I invested in another good scale and discovered that the published specs varied from my actual measurements by 2 grams.
I'm sure that there are those of you who do there own measurements, so I just wanted to share my experience with those of you who don't.