Talon Audio Khorus???

Have heard interesting things about these speakers Any others who have heard these with an opinion? Jim
Heard them a couple of weeks ago at a dealer--driven by a Wadia 861 and some Rowland monoblocks, forget which--and was pretty much stunned. (Have to admit, thought, that I have not done all that much critical listening to similarly priced speakers). That said, they were the best I've ever heard. By a lot. Forgive me if I don't toss around all of the audiophile-grade buzz words, but I will enthusiastically recommend that you give them a listen if you can get the chance. (Ok, maybe just a little…I’ve read a lot of speaker descriptions that claim that the speakers simply vanish and that the music then effortlessly manifests itself, encompassing the room (and beyond), in their place. I’ve also turned on quite a bit of equipment waiting for that to happen, and, eventually, concluded that it was marketing-driven hyperbole designed to aim consumers at a holy grail that never actually happened. Sure, I’ve heard plenty of speakers that allow me to imagine how it could happen, that provided enough of the building blocks for one, with a little listener-supplied imagination and faith, to take part in the illusion of space and presence. But these guys were uncanny. All the audiophile ten cent words that I had been straining to hear and yearning to believe in simply happened and were given a meaning without any help from my (well exercised) suspension of disbelief. Yea, I liked them). I think there are five patents pending on various aspects of these guys, but whatever it is, they are certainly onto something, and I predict that you will continue to hear interesting things about them. They made the top of my wish list--but, as always, don’t take it from me. Have a listen.
I have the Khite as a center channel and it is the best addition I have made to my home theater system. I have heard the Khorus and it is OUTSTANDING> The resolution, sound stage, and detail are REAL with no falce coloration. In summary, you hear the sound as it was recorded. I heard them driven by both high end separates and a Denon receiver. They were impressive driven either way. They are also on my wish list. Try their websitefor more details. It is on Audiogon. They are worth serious consideration.
Beware. I'm not saying they don't sound good, since I've never heard them. I do, however, know that the moderators at the Audio Asylum have been deleting the posts of someone, who has been posing under various names, and touting the speaker. Sounds very suspicious to me.
I've heard and owned many of the finest speakers the world has to offer but never in my 20 years have I heard anything remotly comparable the these. I've never heard imaging that made me feel as though I could walk into the sound stage this is the breakthrough like SACD that we needed you'll be surprised at what they can do in your house try them igonore the critic and use your years trust yourself and you'll see that what I say is true Ezra
Once you get past the long break-in, these speakers are truly remarkable. It just takes so damn long to break them in. And they do not sound good until they are broken in. After that, there is nothing I've heard as good, and I have also owned many great speakers.
Jim I see where Oliver at Delve Audio has these as part of his "high end" recommended system (#3), must be very efficient because he is powering them with 12w SET amp. Delve has them for $12,600 a pair, way beyond my price range. I also saw at stereotimes.com in new review of Ortho Spectrum A.R. that Celment Perry has Talon Khorus speakers he is auditioning in his system, so review may be coming. Here is website for Khorus for full description and pictures: http://www.talonaudio.com/khorus.htm
see the review at www.stereotimes.com . the editor notes the Khorus takes 400 hours to break in! but after that he claims they are state-of-the-art with no competition, price no object. he also rates the ROC sub . he is also driving them with dual EVo amps . I've seen a number of people matching the Talons with the EVo. I plan to follow the same strategy, but with a Khite/ROC combination.
Let's see.. talon uses an eminence guitar woofer. The mid driver is average, the tweeter is a good unit. The wood is nice. The price is a rip-off. I found the sound to be bloaty and colored. The reviewer at stereotimes who did the review is going to work for Talon... Put it all together and you have rip-off prices, mediocre quality and great marketing tactics.. Look around.. there is better out there foe much less Fred
Read the other threads about the Talon. You'll see that this last response from Fred_lane is full of it.