Tannoy TD12 vs Tannoy Glenair 15

Huge difference in price,is it because of the design or better quality in favor of TD12?I have TD12 and friend if mine suggested Glenair with 15 inch to fill my big room better.To him Glenair sound better.Any thoughts?
There's magic to the 15 DC driver. The TD12's have the super tweeter but the Glenair's don't. The TD 12 cabinet is more bespoke than the Glenair. I've not heard the Glenair's but the Canterbury or Royal Westminster is to die for. Not the 15" driver in the last two is different than the Glenair. If it were me, I'd save for the Canterbury.

Bingo!Now I am proud owner of Canterbury.I can't believe how much better they are then TD12.
I own a pair of Glenair 15" (paired with the ST200s). I would describe the sound as shockingly lifelike; and I would also add that they're kind of 'finicky', in terms of matching them with other components. An audiophile chap from the Orient suggested that they're best paired with hand-made exotic tube amplifiers/preamps made overseas. I guess it's a matter of taste.
In my experience, Tannoys do reproduce vocals like no other speaker.
I also own a pair of Glenair 15". I spent a number of years listening to many speakers until I decided on these. They take a fair amount of time to run in, over 200 hours I would say but boy is it was worth the wait. They are very component fussy and require carefull matching but reward you in spades when you get it right. Value for money I haven't heard another speaker that even comes close. A lovely open natural sound with a huge 3D sound stage and base to die for. They will not be leaving my house in a hurry.
I was able to obtain Tannoy Canterbury and I couls not believe how much better they sound compare to TD12.I was not expecting this huge jump in quality.All recordings now sound a lot better even the ones previously sounding terrible.I can listen to them for hours,no fatique,just a lot of pleasure.Now I am in quest for matching amp.Any idea?So fae I loved sound of Almarro monoblocks.