Tannoy turntable

Does anybody have any info on the Tannoy micro tm55 turntable? Thanks
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Viridian is correct on his assumption. It was sold mainly in Europe and had a very short lifespan in the turntable market.
I realize this is a late response, but I only just discovered you. I own a Tannoy/Micro TM55DD direct drive turntable. Bought it in 1974 from Federated Electronics in Los Angeles (long since defunct). The turntable still works. It's got a Micro-Acoustics QDC-1 cartridge, and I have the original owner's manual, the Tannoy/Micro brochure, and the QDC one-page lit. The T/M cost $347 new at the time, and what else do you want to know? If you're still around, of course. Not meant facetiously. I can Xerox any info that's helpful.
I need a copy of the owner's manual for the Tannoy/Micro TM55DD and noiseguy@aol.com is no longer a working email address.
Thank You.
Does anyone have a service manual for the TM55DD?
I need to replace the defective strobe lamp.
I am not sure how to remove the cover over the lamp.
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