Tape Slipping out of guide on a TEAC X1000R

I recently purchased a "refurbished" TEAC X1000R and the tape slips out of the guide post when I am recording in reverse. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what I need to do to fix this. Thanks
You might join the Yahoo Reel to Reel group. Plenty of folks there who are familiar with your tape deck (which I used to own). The symptom you describe is familiar to me and was always my signal to get the deck in for service/adjustment/alignment, but I never knew the PRECISE set of actions to take myself, tho a service manual (never had one) would definitely help. Good luck.
If you gently push down on the opposite tensioner, the tape will tighten up and probably track OK, but this is no solution. Try "TAPEHEADS.COM", and get a username and password (always a pain, but).
there is a bunch of articles on all of the PITA things that go wrong with Teacs and how they need belts, calibration, tension adjustments, new pinch wheels, etc.
If you want it to work like new again, i know an expert repair service, although
he takes a long time to get the machine fixed. but it will be "as new" when he is done with it. OR If you're especially brave, you might have the skill and patience
to try a few things yourself.
they suck when they mess up, but when they work perfectly again, they are
wonderful contraptions and sound way better than most people realize.
If it was refurbished this should happen. Sounds like a pinch roller issue. Contact the seller.