Tara Labs Omega vs Transparent Audio Reference XL - comparison

Hello there,

For some time I have been entertaining the idea about changing my speaker cables. For last 10 years I have had Silversmith Silver.

For a few months I had Silversmith Palladium (better vocals - much much richer), but no transparency, microdetails and no bass whatsoever) huge disappointment overall so I have sold it cheaply. Strange Palladium are much more expensive then silver, go figure.

When it comes to Silversmith Silver I have not yet heard more transparent , more open, faster cable at that price. Recently friend borrow me latest Transparent Audio reference XL speaker cable (~15k).

At different occasions I have auditioned a few copper cables (2k-3k USD). My system is very transparent and analytic. With copper cables it have always had closed muddy heights, warm slow bass, I have always impression that copper means putting thick blanket on my tweeters.

So I was mighty surprised that XL have been as fast and as transparent as Silversmith , at the some time it had powerful very musical and fast bottom (lows has always been lacking on my YG Anat speakers).

Transparent connected best positive traits of two words, it is open and transparent as silver and powerful and dynamic as copper (without cheaper copper cables slowness). How it is possible for copper to sound like this I do not know.


Few years ago I have lived in different apartment ( it sounded very different) I had different gear (less analytic and transparent but more dynamic based on Thiel speakers) another friend borrow me Tara Labs Omega cables. I still remember that sea of microdetails, very magical delicate heights, unbelievable rich vocals, no real change in dynamics ( I have already had Silversmith Silver at that time).


Unfortunately I cannot compare those cable, different room, different gear, different times.

Have anybody had a chance to compare side by side Reference XL with Tara Labs Omega cables ?


Those are cables I have heard for considerable length of time and have been real upgrade to my Silversmith excelling them in many areas and not losing in any.



Transparent calibrates their cables to the equipment they a hooked too. From the Reference level up. The calibration does make a difference in sound quality. If you and your friend equipment is not the same you did not hear them at their best. E-mail Transparent the serial numbers of the cables and what equipment you used them on and they will tell you if you heard them at their best. According to Transparent the calibration is more than tube or solid state.
Tara Labs is more universal, one does not need to calibrate cable to particular gear. I have heard just old Omega, I was told be dealer that old Omega is about as good as newer Omega Onyx. So nobody has compared Tara Omega Onyx/Gold to calibrated TA Reference XL ?
Transparent Audio has been very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I sold off all my tube gear and went to very high end solid state.  My Reference grade cables were all High Z impedance.  Transparent took all my cables and converted (calibrated) them to new solid state equipment.  The only charge was for shipping. The calibration made noticeable improvement in the sound.  Transparent Audio is tops.