Technics 1200 GAE, 1200GR or 1200G?

How many of you have or have heard the Technics 1200 GAE, 1200GR or 1200G? I know the specs and the differences between the three tables, the 1200 GAE, being the limited edition, the 1200GR similar build quality and the 1200G, being of lesser quality, motor, plinth and platter, but I wanted to know if you have heard it at an event or have someone that you know that has or have had it. I have negotiated a deal at a shop for some other components and really thinking about closing the deal, the wife wants some of my older stuff out of the house. My Deal would be for the Technics 1200GR.

I currently have a VPI Classic 1, 30th Anniversary Edition. If one of you have both, I would really be interested between the differences, bass, treble and mids between the Technics and any VPI, including the Prime, but I would like to get your impressions. I have had an older Technics 1200 in the past and there is no comparison, the Classic is the better table. I’m thinking about a simpler set up and I’m thinking speed stability should be equal or close to equal.
i have a GAE and a VPI Prime modded as follows:  Eagle and Roadrunner, 3 belts, periphery ring, 2 arms (metal and 3D both with dual point kit).  The two tables sound different, but I would not say one is better than the other.  Without the mods the GAE is the better of the two. To your specific points, perhaps the VPI is better in the bass, more definition; the GAE a bit brighter and more open in the highs.  Mids, hmmm, not sure and would have to spend a lot of time swapping cartridges back and forth to answer that one.  Probably the 3D arm would get the nod, but that is a guess.  The GAE is easier to set up and to use, but if you have your Classic all set up, why not keep it?  That is what I would recommend.
IME the platter pad is a problem with the SL1200G, just a rubber mat.

That affects the sound; if you really want to know how it does, use the same mat when doing comparisons!
Hi, billstevenson, how did you manage to put 3 belts on the VPI Prime, I would love to see this. Does the 3 belts make a difference in sound quality and speed stability and does the platter still make that noise upon start up or does the three belts grab with more force and prevent the slippage. I’m not selling the Classic 1, just looking for another table and since I missed out on a Rega RP10 for less then half with cartridge, I started to think about the Technics.

Bass control and the amount was one of the big things I wanted to find out about between tables, because I have gotten use to the bass that the Classic provides. I thought about adding a 3d arm to my classic, but my understanding is that I would have to change the sharp pivot point because it might not reach the 3d Arm as some have complained of.  The main reason for not wanting to do too many upgrades to the Classic is because the price of the 3D Arm and Adjustable VTA platform, which the Prime has, would raise the price to Prime levels and if I'm going to do that, I might as well by a Prime.  I did think about a VPI Periphery Ring.  The Classic's speed is to stable for needing a SDS from what I have experienced.
The three belts are achieved by using the HRX pulley but I could not justify 3 belts over 2, with that said you will need the SDS to play at 45 rpms and that introduces a new issue of the motor being audible at the higher speed. I have had my Prime for a couple of years and have finally got in settled in and for the most part it was due to taking the feet off the motor pod which also removes the plate covering the electrical pieces, setting the pod on a like thickness sheet of metal, tracing out the pod and cutting out a piece the exact side of the bottom of the pod, drill New holes attach this piece to the pod and adding a set of Herbies Firm Tenderfeet have solved all but the noise of the motor issues at 45 rpms. I added a Symposium ISO platform on top of my 3" maple shelf on top of my Lead Ballon and the results are stunning, I will be keeping my Prime and source a new motor for the issues I have at 45rpms.
I listened to a gyro se and I would like to know how think its better than the technics?  Just curious.  I thought the Technics was a lot better than an SME 10 and I think the SME is better than the michell