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Rega Planar 3 50th anniversary
I was going to jump in the middle of this thread and stir it up a bit then decided that I would just back out of the room and tip my hat to @lewm, for the patience he has shown. Enjoy the music  
Acoustic Zen Sartori - my experience
@soix the comparisons were done with 4 sets of cables 15 years ago so would not and probably could not remember the facts to decide on the Holograms over the Satori, Cardas/Golden Cross and my PS Audio Xstreem  Statement at the time. They were all... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
@ozzy I am with you on cable break in and WTS, I believe that our ears/brain adapting is also part of the process. Enjoy the music  
Acoustic Zen Sartori - my experience
Thanks for you taking the time to post this shootout of speaker cables and it does make me consider the possibilities of what if. I am a big fan of both brands, AQ when I can afford them in the used market and AZ when I can't. Just as an aside, I ... 
Needle resilience
Heck, I do that to get the edge off of new carts after setting them up for play as a little break in time. Enjoy the music  
The Winter Brothers
That Roadwork live album is awesome as all the White Trash albums were. Hard to go wrong with that line up of Edgar, Johnny, Rick Derringer and one hell of a vocalist, Jerry Lacroix. Johnny played lead on the Edgar Winter White Trash album on Ray ... 
Happy Holidays to All
Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the music  
Robert Plant
Love me some Zeppelin and still listen to the first 5 albums every now and then as I am now in my 70s, just not as loud. I have really liked what he has done With Alison Krauss on the Raising Sand album and the follow up that T Bone Burnett produc... 
Any normal size speakers that sound like Volti
If they sound 1/2 as good as they look you are a lucky man. Ignore everyone but your wife and find a way to win her over, and by all means keep them . Enjoy the music  
Balanced connections to my VPI turntable?
@cleeds, thanks for the input on the 6db of gain/noise floor reduction.   
Balanced connections to my VPI turntable?
@badbruno , as an audiophile for over 50 years of course I have considered it but never really felt the need to spend the $ with so many other things to consider and the fact that things sound so good already with the RCAs in play. Enjoy the music  
Balanced connections to my VPI turntable?
@badbruno , I believe that the side benefit of the 6db in gain also translates to a 6db lower noise floor, now this is my belief but maybe someone can chime in with greater knowledge. FWIW, I do run two VPI tables, a HRX and a Prime w/SDS, SMF and... 
Balanced connections to my VPI turntable?
There is the question of a 6db reduced noise floor with the XLRs in play but I can't confirm it. Enjoy the music  
Do Poor Quality Modern Pressings Provide Any Value?
Yes they provide a value, and that value is to put on your list of things to avoid. Enjoy the music, not bad recordings  
How good is good enough?
I become more surprised every day at how well my system satisfies my needs of good music done well, even more surprised how that satisfaction is neither diminished or enhanced by how much or how little was spent. In the words of Delbert McClinton,...