Technics RS 1506,is it best Open Reel ?

Hi, I'm going to buy a Technics rs 1506 us open reel tape recorder,asking price $800. Is there anybody who can tell me if this is the best 2-4 tracks tape deck? How does it sound? How its sound compares whith lps played on a high end turntable,arm and cartridge? Thanks, Fulvio
Was a great R2R. No, it won't sound as good as lps strictly from the stand point you'll be using 2nd generation material. It will be pretty good though. Probably not as much bass, slightly lacking in depth and spatiality. If your recording on to it live, different matter. Very little sounds as good as 15ips recorded live and recorded properly.
Hi,thanks for your post.I think I'll not use for live recording,but only for playback. I saw many 2 and 4 track tapes for sale. I know that master tapes should play better than lps,but I fear that what I can
butI fear what I can buy is only second generation tape,isn't it?. I saw also master dubs tapes for sale.Are they similar to master tapes? Thanks.