Technics SL-P2000 CD player: good idea??

Hi There -

I'm new on the site, and just wanted to ask some advice....

I've been offered a used Technics SL-P2000 Reference CD player in very good condition, for just over £100, and wonder what you guys think of the deal. I know it was about £1000 in the early '90s, but don't really know how it stands up today.

It's to replace a faulty SL-P770 which I loved (the detail in particular). My budget is very limited, so I couldn't reach to more money anyway.

Any good? I've got a Marantz PM6010 KI-Signature amp, nothing very expensive, and my primary source is my Garrard 401/SME record deck....

Any advice appreciated!
Early 90's was a long time ago my friend, technology has advanced so I guess you better save a bit more cash and buy a good CD player

Good Luck
SL-P2000 was a Technics top of the line player a while back. Build like a tank and sounded actually quite good. I don't really think that you can buy something better for the money.
Hi mate
There are many older units that are of a very high sonic standard but look out for spare parts as this can sometimes be a problem eg; laser,transport parts,it comes down to if your looking to use this player as a medium/long term player , if it sounds good to you go for it ,really there is so much info to go through on the web and also everyone has a different preferance , one unit may be good to you and another may not like it so much and thats when your preferance comes in , i had a Technics slp - 999 a few years back ( nice unit ) and now use a Musical Fidelity A324 Dac with Denon 3910 universal as transport . All the best and hope you enjoy the technics if you go for it.
I would say,yes it is good idea.If Anybody considering buy this player I would recommend find out if the player is unmodified,because original sound may be destructed,as it was in my case(midrange was recessed and compressed too much)I had to bring it to original state.
The player has nice ,strong tunefull bass,clean musical midrange ,highs are sweet .The sound is very dynamic and opened with exceptional stereo effect.I woud say sound leans toward analog warm sounding and at the same time let you hear details you may never heard before on recordings.Joy to listen music from cds.